Commercial and Residential Services


Landscape Design

We can creatively design an outdoor living area to meet customers needs. 


Clean Up, Demo, and Hauling

Need help with yard work and hauling the debris? Leave it to us. We can transform and clear out your old landscape or clean up your overgrown landscape.


We install all kinds of Hardscape/Softscape dry creeks, patios, walkways, free standing walls and outdoor spaces.

We use Concrete, Pavers, Flagstone, Decomposed Granite and Natural Stone for our projects.


We will professionally install a lush lawn for you. We ensure the correct seed or sod for your climate.  We are now installing a new water saving sod called Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF).  RTF has the ability to recover and repair damaged sod. Research RTF for more information.

Irrigation and Sprinklers
We install, maintain, and repair irrigation systems.  We work with all types of sprinkler and drip systems.  We can also replace or install new irrigation timers.

We purchase, deliver and install plantings from our local nursery vendors.

Raised Garden Beds/Raining Walls

We can install raised garden beds or retaining walls.

We use redwood, pressure treated lumber or block systems.


We repair fences after heavy storms or install several styles of new fences.

Water Feature

We can install a water feature from customer or design and create water feature.


We install all types of landscape lighting in our projects. 


Weekly/Biweekly Service

We offer full service gardening maintenance.  We will mow and edge lawn areas.  We will trim shrubs and plants in order to maintain both proper height and appearance.  We will blow beds and paved areas and clean up debris.  We will spray for weed control in flower beds and paved areas as necessary.  We also fertilized  lawn area 3x per year.  Weekly maintenance debris shall be placed in properties trash container.

Stump Grinding

We will grind out your old stumps that have been occupying space your yard.


We can help your lawn look beautiful by aerating it so that oxygen, water and nutrients can reach the roots. We also repair some lawns be aerating, fertilizing, overseeing and watering.

 Additional Services As Well!